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How I Miraculously Won the 2021 Zambian Elections as an MP after Burying a Tougue of a Lion in my Mansion

I was an independent candidate in the 2021 elections in my constituency. I always knew I had the call of leadership in me and when the elections came, I decided to give it a shot. I had saved much money and I was really ready to fight for that position.

However, my opponents were really strong candidates and though my campaign was strong I still felt scared that one of the opponents would beat me in the election. I decided to add more money to my campaign and even got new top flight governance strategies and promises in the manifesto in order to win the affection of the people.

Two months to the election, I was really becoming strong and my opponent started selling cheap propaganda to tarnish my name. They started saying I was a project of a certain presidential candidate which the community hated. They came up with various theories which really drew away the support of the people from me.

One day, I called a a political rally to try and save my name and I was really surprised because nobody showed up. The few people that showed up accused me of betraying them by choosing the rival presidential candidate and even my efforts to convince them otherwise did not bore any fruits.

In the day that followed, my opponent held his political rally  which was attended by thousands of people and they were all celebrating him telling him they would vote for him. It was really hurtful to me. I knew I had lost the election because of the propaganda. I even wanted to call off the campaign and resign from running for the parliamentarian seat.

I went home that night and told my wife that I wanted to step down from the race since my opponent had managed to win the hearts of the voters using propaganda. My wife told me not to give up because she had a solution for me.

“My dear husband, I know it’s tough but I know of someone who can help you win the election. His name is Doctor Mawanda, he will use his spell-casting political super powers to help you win the hearts of the people and also increase your good luck in the election,” my wife told me.

Hope immediately rose up in me and I called the doctor after my wife gave me his number. I told him how scared I was since my opponent was using lies to ruin my campaign. He told me to relax because he had everything under control. I met him the following evening in his workplace in Luapula though he has other offices countrywide. He performed the luck powerful political spell that would make me win the favour  of the sovereignty of people in my constituency and I made a ritual of burying the tongue of the male  Lion at the compound of my house.

Three days later, I held another political rally and the moment I started talking thousands and  thousands of people flocked the rally venue of the ground where I was and I got my chance to tell them that the cheap propaganda was lies and also told them of my plans is to raise the columns in the rural -urbanisation development agenda  and not the gossip columns to help them when I won the election.

They were really impressed by me and they gave a round of applause. I did that every week and when after the election was conducted, I emerged the winner. My opponent could not believe it. I was so happy and I even called the Great traditional Doctor Mawanda to thank him. If you want to win any position in university,college , institution, faculty, ministry, work, facility or  even in the country  or abroad you should see Doctor Mawanda for good luck spells.

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