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I can’t forget that Edgar Lungu removed meal allowances from orphans in Universities – Jackson Katongo

I can’t forget how retirees were part of headlines everyday crying for retirement package; even cursing PF.  I can’t forget how teachers and nurses went for years without employment under Edgar Lungu as President. Is it not under Edgar where there were long hours of loadshedding. Is this the measures Lungu used to tackle poverty?

I don’t know what Edgar Lungu mean by saying there’s poverty in Zambia. May be he is speaking for his cadres who amassed wealth illegally in Markets and Bus stations. He’s speaking for his cadres who were beating people in Markets and Bus stations. Of course he can’t speak for an ordinary Zambian who was being brutally beaten by his cadres in Markets and Bus stations.

On the issue of tackling Cholera. Which approach did Edgar employ? Is he talking about that approach where a named minister under his administration was going round beating people in Lusaka? Is that an approach you can be proud of?

I cannot forget how Edgar Lungu only built few schools in Lusaka. Today we are seeing schools built in each constituency through CDF. We can’t forget how Edgar Lungu increased Salaries for civil servants by 4%. Let’s be realistic.

Edgar Lungu you are talking about shrinking Democratic space. Is it not under your regime where your pf cadres were beating anyone in Red t-shirt or UPND regalia? Is that the democracy you are talking about.

Is it not under your regime where the Hatembo family were running away from their own home for fear of harassment?  Is it not under your regime when Sean Tembo was attacked by your cadres for having divergent views? Is it not under your regime when that business woman was being being assaulted everyday for supporting UPND? Is it not under your regime Edgar Lungu where houses in Kanyama got demolished for simply putting UPND campaign posters. Were all these things promoting democractic space or one party state?

Only your cadres who benefited from Markets and Bus stations wishes you to come back so that they can have their power back to harass Zambians as usual. 

Talk of economy. What solution do you have to our economy Edgar Lungu. You found the exchange rate at K11 per dollar and you left it at K21. Using common sense you had no solution and it was going to be worse than we are seeing today. You are proudly talking about fuel price. Did you at any point Edgar Lungu reduce the price of fuel? Be realistic. We know you miss being in State House but be factual for once.  Did you at any point reduce the price of Mealie Meal?

What do you have Edgar Lungu that can make a Patriotic, ordinary and normal Zambian to vote for you? Insoni ebuntu mudala.