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I met this married man, we’ve dated for 2 years now and he has promised to marry me but I’m scared of the wife

Am 30yrs old ,We have a huge age gap he is 25years older than me and despite him being married, I really don’t care because he doesn’t even look his age and too, he is so loving and caring, he opened a business for me and rented a house for me…

I know he is married but i can’t help it. i love him and I know he loves me too because he listens to me and I get everything i want from him…

He has been married for 10, yrs and has 2kids, 8yr old boy and a daughter of 6yrs,

Well, to cut the long story short,
He lost his wife 9months ago, so I moved in with him, he has promise to marry me this coming December, he accepts my 2yr old daughter and he loves me which of course, I’ve accepted to marry him….

So we’ve agreed that the kids should, go live with their grand mom, that is, his late wife’s mother because I made it clear to him, I can’t live under the same roof with another woman’s children which is very normal with every woman and am glad he understands, naturally everything has fallen in place and am so happy am finally going to be his wife at last alter everything, which brings me exactly to the point I want to make..

Not really for anything but i just wanted to use my story to advice and inspire my fellow young girls out there who are still single that, as funny as it might sound, being a side chick to a married man or who so ever  isn’t really a bad thing as society paints it to look, since you really do not know who can be your soul mate”