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Jeremiah Omotoshi you hired the wrong artist: netizens reacts as prophecy goes wrong at prophet Jeremiah Omotoshi’s ministry

Netizen’s has shown a reaction online saying that the prophecies at the church of the Nigerian popular billionaire prophet,  prophet Jeremiah Omotoshi is all a stage prophecies and this time around the stage prophecy has gone wrong as a man from bayelsa state home netizens alleged that prophets Jeremiah Omotoshi  hired for prophecy but unfortunately the man stands by the truth.

According to the video that surface online prophet Jeremiah Omotoshi was seen giving prophecy to the  man telling him that his wife is at home crying why the man said no he also made mention of the man’s wife and the man said that is not his wife name.

From nowhere a woman came out and rush the man claiming to be the man’s wife but the man frown face showing that all those things were staged.

From our observation whodeybret.com observe that the man is likely to be under the influence of an evil spirit as we cannot talk against a prophet of the most high

Note: This post is not in any way trying to criticize prophet Jeremiah omotoshi as whodeybret.com does not criticize any religious leader in any negative way.

You can watch the video below.