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Majeed hides his face in shame as Gigantic Nigerian lady calls him out for failing to pay her 1m after working her all night and changing positions




Majeed’s shame is palpable as he faces the repercussions of his actions. The air hangs heavy with tension as a Gigantic Nigerian lady confronts him, her voice resolute and demanding restitution for a promise unfulfilled. It’s a scene that speaks volumes about the consequences of broken promises and the weight of moral responsibility.

It all began when Chioma, in need of financial assistance, turned to Majeed with a plea for help. She confided in him, sharing her desire to acquire something significant, something that required a considerable sum of money – 1 million Naira to be precise. Majeed, perhaps swept up in the moment or motivated by a desire to impress, offered a solution: “Come over, let’s hang out, and I’ll give you the 1 million Naira before you leave in the morning.”

With promises made in the heat of the moment, Majeed may have momentarily forgotten the gravity of his words. But as the night wore on and the dawn approached, reality began to sink in. The weight of his commitment became apparent, and the prospect of parting with such a substantial amount of money suddenly seemed daunting.

As the sun rose and Majeed regained his senses, the clarity of the situation dawned upon him. He found himself faced with a moral dilemma – to honor his word and fulfill his promise, or to retreat from his commitment and risk damaging his integrity.

However, Majeed’s hesitation and reluctance did not go unnoticed. The Gigantic Nigerian lady, rightfully expecting what was promised to her, stood firm in her demand for the agreed-upon sum. Her persistence serves as a reminder that actions have consequences, and promises must be upheld, regardless of the circumstances.

Now, Majeed finds himself at a crossroads, grappling with the repercussions of his actions. The choice he makes will not only define his character but also determine the course of his relationships and the trust others place in him.

This cautionary tale serves as a stark reminder of the importance of integrity and accountability in all our interactions. It underscores the need to think carefully before making promises and the obligation to follow through on commitments, no matter how inconvenient they may seem.

As Majeed contemplates his next move, one thing is clear – the consequences of broken promises are far-reaching and can leave a lasting impact on both parties involved. Only time will tell whether Majeed will rise to the occasion and honor his word or succumb to the weight of his own shortcomings.



Netizens blasts medical doctor as he uses Kizz Daniel and his wife as case study to advise women



A medical doctor, identified on Twitter as Dr Pharouk, has created a stir online with his advice to women using singer Kizz Daniel and his wife as case studies.

In a lengthy Twitter post, he shared a story Kizz Daniel made in the past while talking about his wife, who he revealed believed in him when he started his music career. The singer disclosed that his wife would bring food for him when he spent hours in the studio and was mocked by her friends who claimed he couldn’t sing.

Kizz Daniel stated that his wife and his brother stood by him and were the only ones liking his posts, and she was the one who paid for his first song, which was N10,000.

Using his story as a case study, Dr Pharouk stated that men are grateful people as there is nothing one would do for them that they will forget completely. He avowed that men will always be there for women who stood by them and respected them at their low moments.

He admonished ladies to show their struggling boyfriends.

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Daniel Regha wows netizens as he reveals one of his favorite hobbies



Daniel Regha wows netizens as he reveals one of his favorite hobbies

Famous Twitter personality, Daniel Regha has stunned online users as he shows off one of his favorite hobbies.

He shared a video on the microblogging platform, X where he displayed how he got a chicken, killed it, and made a sumptuous egusi soup from it. He captioned the video, “One of my favorite hobbies…‍”

Daniel Regha

The video garnered praise from the internet community for his ability to finally prepare a visually appealing meal with his own money, in contrast to his prior meals that he had posted online.

Read reactions below:

OBINNA said: “Na you understand this life pass, you even hack poverty join e come be like flex. Dani Dani ”

Ultra said: “Oh my goodness this is getting out of hand”

Kemi_Blues asked: “Wooow you sabi cook ”

Agbong Blessed David said: “Enjoyment boss. This soup is extremely sumptuous by mere looking alone.”

Joel stated: “Sha no forget your neighbour where you don dey chop him food”

_officialboss penned: “Na Elon Musk money you dey use flex like this o”

ajibade_demola wrote: “Chicken we have been looking for, So it’s inside your stomach right now…”


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Sabinus vents following unpleasant experience after hugging a fan



Sabinus vents following unpleasant experience after hugging a fan

Popular skit maker, Sabinus reminds Nigerians that it’s naira they shouldn’t spray as he begs them to spray perfume while recounting an unpleasant experience after hugging a fan.

The content creator took to social media to raise an alarm as he claimed that a lot of Nigerians are no longer spraying perfume.

sabinus spray perfume naira

He reminded them that what the government said was they shouldn’t spray naira notes, however, some have taken it upon themselves not to also spray perfume.

Sabinus recalled how a fan hugged him and the smell oozing from the armpit was too much for him to bear.

The comedian begged folks to get roll-on, and body spray to help reduce the bad smell from their body.

Check out reactions …

fheytii said: “You won’t understand how painful it is until you sit beside someone with strong body odor”

pollyekong wrote: “Men especially don’t shave ”

nancy_okenwa remarked: “Enter public bus and perceive different body smell”

yesimprettyoma penned: “Even if na stew try Dey apply am for armpit Biko”

nancy_phil stated: “Even if na curry leaf or scent leaf.. Try putting in your armpit before leaving the house… Don’t kill Sabinwa for us biko”

m.d.o.n.n.i.e said: “If you can’t buy perfume, Abeg buy Dustin powder put for armpit. Life is hard already, don’t make it harder. ”

Watch video below …

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