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Nobody is coming to save Nigeria only Nigerians will save Nigeria – Reno Omokri tells Nigerians

Look at that! The Naira appreciated by ₦50 and is trading at ₦1,544.420 to $1. Where are those who said it appreciated because of the weekend? Keep siding with the enemies of Nigeria. Those of us who love Nigeria will keep on winning with Nigeria via #GrowNairaBuyNaija

1. Instead of MTN, Airtel or Etisalat, use Glo
2. Instead of Mercedes, Range Rover, or Honda, buy Innoson
3. Fly Air Peace over Air France, KLM, or Lufthansa
4. Bank at First Bank, UBA, GTBank, and Zenith over Stanbic
5. Watch AriseTV, Channels and NTA over Multichoice DSTV
6. Buy Dangote and Ibeto cement, and avoid Chinese brands
7. Watch and buy Enyimba FC, Kano Pillars, and 3SC over Manchester United, Barcelona, PSG, and Napoli
8. Buy music of Nigerian origin from streaming sites instead of downloading foreign artistes
9. Patronise DAKOVA, Mai Atafo, Mudi Africa, and JADZ Couture (maker of my babanriga and agbada. Show her some love on +234 704 477 9973) over Armani, Gucci, Balenciaja, and Louis Vuitton
10. Drink palm wine over champagne, Hennessy, Scotch Whiskey, and Irish Cream
11. Shop with your local market woman instead of at Shoprite
12. Buy and eat only made in Nigeria rice, and let Thailand eat their rice
13. Consider cassava bread over bread made with foreign-grown wheat
14. Buy Zinox PCs, laptops, and tablets
15. Instead of Birdseye custard, Quaker oats, and Kellogg’s cereals, drink akamu, pap, and ogi
16. Leave KFC, and patronise Mr Bigg’s, Tantalizers, and Mama Put
17. Stop using Holland Wax, and imported George and wrapper. Use Kaduna textiles, aso oke, Akwete cloth, and other local textiles
18. Watch less Hollywood and Bollywood movies, and go for Nollywood and Kannywood
19. Holiday and honeymoon in Obudu Cattle Ranch, Yankari Games Reserve, Ikogosi Warm Springs, and attend Argungu Fishing Festival
20. Reject imported frozen fish, meat and dairy products and buy fresh produce from local producers

Nobody is coming to save Nigeria. It is only Nigerians that will save Nigeria. Local brands may or may not be as good as foreign ones, but with continued patronage, they will improve in quality. Buy them, and your Naira will rise along with your personal happiness and the international rating of the green Nigerian passport. Your value is tied to Nigeria’s value. Buy Nigerian and Nigeria’s foreign reserves, trade balances, and debt to GDP ratio will automatically improve.