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One of the most dîsgústing incident that took place while the impasse between Erisco Foods Limited  and Chioma rages on was the subtle products advertisement other producers of tomato mix/pastes initiated

I saw one brand saying that consumers of their products are free to review their products as they like and that “they don’t arrest reviewers of their products”. What does that mean?

We also witnessed on facebook where another tomato brand was accused of packaging bad tomato paste and the brand quickly interfaced with the customer and replaced the product with a carton of tin tomato paste for him. But all these looks premeditated and arranged to portray the tomato maker as having better PR and Customer Relation Policy than Erisco.

I know there is competition in the sector. But it doesn’t make sense trying to catch in from the travail of your fellow tomato maker. I was expecting the two brands of tomato makers Chioma mentioned in her evîI review to make a public announcement to distance themselves from her evîI review but they all kept mute thereby sending either right or wrong signals to the public that they might likely be her sponsor.

But my joy is that all the plans ended up elevating Erisco products. Erisco products is now like a shining star visible to even those in the remotest part of the earth. It doesnt need the dearth of other brands before the world could accepts it. It competes favorably among other brands in the market.

Today, it is a thing of pride to patronize Erisco. Unlike other tomato makers who became jittery at the slightest act of bad review of their products which pushes them into a panic mode, Erisco knowing very well the kind of quality products his company is bringing into Nigerian market stood gidigbaa with his full chest to challenge anyone who said that his products are bad. Other brands can’t take such risk because they know that their products if tried and tested in stormy waters of bad reviews like Erisco tomato were subjected to, will surely crumble.

Despite wooing tomato pastes/mix consumers with subtle advertisement with hope that Nigerians will boycott Erisco tomato, yet Lovers Of Erisco Products are getting bigger and bigger everyday. Is God not wonderful?

This is an evidence that truly, Nigerians are proud of Erisco for standing up against paid products spóiIers and gang up from competitors.

Special salute to all Lovers Of Erisco Products. We all shall smile at last.