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Stop killing Nigerian army and police officers they are humans like you and they have families and relatives

It is very sad and heartbreaking that a country that called self the giant of Africa derives joy in killing of the armed man meant to protect them and their families.

More heartbreak name people rejoices over the death of police officers and the seven military men on duty who died on peace keeping mission.

It takes only a brave man to stand up to defend this nation amidst the level of terrorism that befores Africa and the Nigeria at large.

They have not called themselves they are on duty to be dedicate crime terrorism and the other social vice and maintaining peace and tranquility in the nation then why killing them?

We keep losing a soldiers those that are meant to defend the national integrity of the country called Nigeria. After killing them and living them and their families in a state of  great dilemma, when war and issues that requires the attention of the military enforcement and the police officers who will defender nation?

The blood of the innocent military and police officers whom all this criminals has slaughtered we forever cry against them.

Say no to killing of uniform men they are meant to protect us not how much be at peace with all men if you are peaceful they will not harm you.