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2 weeks after my wedding, I had a bad dream of where I was brought to a very bushy and scary place. My mother inlaw and her children were standing in circle, all clothed in a black garment




2 weeks after my wedding, I had a bad dream of where I was brought to a very bushy and scary place. My mother inlaw and her children were standing in circle, all clothed in a black garment.

There was another man who seemed to be leading them in whatever they were doing there, the moment he sighted me he ordered my mother inlaw to take me out alleging that I would destroy things for them.

I woke up as soon as I was taken out of there. I knew that it wasn’t a good dream at all but I was confused of the faces I saw there because my mother inlaw is overly nice to me and there’s no reason to suspect her.

I just prayed about it asking for God’s protection and I didn’t tell my husband about it to avoid any sort of misinterpretation. I got pregnant the next month and my husband informed my mother-in-law and his siblings.

As a first time pregnant woman, my MIL was always calling to check on me and I appreciated her care, sometimes she would come visiting with cooked food and foodstuffs.

At some point, I started becoming so weak and sick all the time to the extent that I could no longer go to work. My mother was there for me all through that period until I was due for delivery.

I called my husband when labour started and I started going to the hospital. Doctor checked me and said I was doing just fine and told me how far I was dilating.

My husband later came and as the labour contractions because more intense, he began to freak out and started calling his mum and siblings to ask for their prayers.

I had 10hours labour and when it was time to push, i was so weak to push. I pushed for almost an hour before my baby girl came out. She weighed 4.7, so beautiful and I gave her a welcome kiss before the nurses started cleaning her up.

The doctor tried pulling out the placenta and it was proving difficult. I tried pushing it out and it wasn’t coming forth and the doctor himself became worried after about 50 mins of trying.

My baby has been cleaned and my husband was carrying her while waiting for me to be out. We struggled with the placenta for an hour and 15 minutes before it came out.

Immediately the placenta came out, my husband started calling for the doctor and the nurses went to check on why he was calling since the doctor was busy, they came back with my daughter and with the look on their faces, something was wrong.

I don’t know what they told the doctor that made him leave me immediately, carried my baby and started massaging and hitting her. My baby was not making a sound and I tried coming down of the delivery bed but wasn’t allowed.

The doctor handed over the baby to the nurses and coldly came back to stitch my tear and cut. I kept asking what was wrong and he just asked me to please be calm. After stitching me, I was carried to another room and saw my husband in tears.

My daughter stopped breathing just immediately my placenta came out. The pain and hurt I felt has to be the hardest pain in the world. I packed my things and left the hospital that same day, I just couldn’t stay there.

That night I couldn’t sleep but somehow I had a dream where my mother inlaw was laughing at me and told me that she would deal with me mercilessly. It became clear to me that she was into something dangerous.

My MIL came around the next day with all the pity drama. Some of the children called me too to sympathize with me. She stayed for two days and the day she was about leaving, she told me that everybody in their family gives birth with CS including the wives married into their family and I shouldn’t bother trying to do delivery next time…..”







In response to a question asked by a commentator on my Facebook post yesterday, Fada Mentor  now confirm that there are five ‘Servants of God’ on the path to sainthood in the Catholic Church in Nigeria.

Servant of God is the first of four stages before one is declared a Saint. The ‘Servants of God’ are:

1. Fr. Abraham Anselm Ojefua: founder of the Order of Knights of St Mulumba, died in 1988, aged 78.

2. Bishop Michael Eneja: third Bishop of Enugu Diocese from 1978 to 1996, died in 2008, aged 89.

3. Archbishop Gabriel Gonsum Ganaka: second Bishop and first Archbishop of Jos from 1974 until his death in 1999, aged 62.

4. Vivian Uchechi Ogu: 14-year old Catholic girl who resisted being sexually defiled by armed robbers and was killed (in Benin City archdiocese) in 2009. She is a native of Enyiogugu in Aboh Mbaise LGA of Imo State (Ahiara Diocese)

5. Fr. Aaron Ejikemeuwa Ekwu: priest of Awka Diocese, ordained in 1965 in Vienna Austria, served in Austria and Nigeria and died in a fatal car accident in 1989, aged 53.

Copied from Omokugbo Ojeifo

To the Glory of God
Fada Mentor

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‘He Is In The Mortuary’ — Anambra Police Speaks On ‘Burying’ Junior Pope, Other Victims By The River Side.




The Anambra State Police has reacted to the confusion surrounding the burial of the victims of the Anam boat mishap by the riverside.

According to the police, three of the deceased were buried by the riverside but actor Junior Pope and one other are still in the morgue.

The police added that one of those buried by the riverside has been exhumed and taken back to her state for burial.

Anambra State Police Command Public Relations Officer, SP Tochukwu Ikenga, said in a statement: “The Command on an inquiry about the unconfirmed information that the recovered bodies including Junior Pope were buried by the Riverside where the boat accident happened, discovered that three of the deceased Families accepted the victim should be buried beside the river.

“But later, the family of one of the victims decided to exhume the body to be given a proper burial in her State while the other two were still buried there.

“Also, Junior Pope and one other are still in the morgue and await the deceased family’s funeral arrangements, Please let’s be guided.

“Meanwhile, the producer of the movie and the two boat drivers’ Statements have been obtained, and other necessary actions/moves already emplaced by the Operatives as directed by the Commissioner of Police to determine the criminal liability of any person, if any, in the mishap.”

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The apology from Dunamis church so political and self-defensive




The online Saga which has been trending a female law graduate of open university whom was a victim of embarrassment at they Dunamis church which has gain her popularity across Nigeria and Africa in a negative way.

The incident happened why the lady was given her testimony on how she graduated from national open university I means the challenges and financial difficulties she face while studying law at national open university.

Because of her unstructured grammar, the senior pastor of Dunamis church pastor Paul enenche stood up and the embarrass her by asking her private related request of the lady as of the time.

After all set and done the church has find out that the lady is a bonafide graduate of the said university and they have tendered an apology which looks so political and self-defenseive.

Below is a picture of the apology from the dunamis church.

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