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Life has dealt me a blow. Sometimes, I just want to lie low and nurse life’s wound on me, other times, I feel inner strength to stay on my toes




My life has been one that people wished they lived though that was before I received multiple life’s blows.
I had a good life growing up, my siblings and I were all doing well after our university. My father used his influence to secure us good jobs. He showed us love like a good father would. He’d call us on our birthdays, buys us gifts even as adults and always wants to know what’s happening in our lives.

My mom is a good woman and my dad loves her so much and in a bid to give her a good life, he stopped her from working and pays her more than what she was earning. My mom tried all she could to join my dad in his business but dad refused because he wanted her to relax and enjoy herself.

Things were going well until mom became sick and died. My dad became a different person. He would neither eat nor drink. He became a shadow of himself. We tried to help him but he wouldn’t get over the death of his wife. My siblings and I decided to get him a wife to help erase the memories of my mom. At first, he didn’t agree but we persuaded him to and we found a woman in her early forties through a radio match making program.

That was the beginning of our problems.

She came in well disguised in the pretext of a humble woman.
We thought we won a lottery, we were happy my dad will get back to his feet. We were checking up on them almost everyday.

My dad seemed to be getting back to his usual self and resumed his business. At the time we met this lady, she said she lost her job not knowing she had no job in the first place. Seven months after her dowry was paid her mom came to live with them. My siblings and I objected to that but my peacemaker dad said I should leave the matter. My elder sister had to calm us down because we wanted to come force her out of the house.

My sister and I got married before our mom’s demise and I was shuttling between my house and my dad’s to always check up on them because we all stay in Lagos but I was staying  closer to them than my siblings.

My father’s wife started insisting on a court wedding and this is someone we told that we’re not a family of drama and we just want to do the low key traditional wedding which we did and settled the list their family gave us. The mother was still living with them when she started making demands of a court wedding. I and my siblings told her it won’t happen.

A month after that conversation, I saw her post pictures of a court wedding with my father. I became mad, called my siblings to know if they were aware but they weren’t. We went to see my dad, to check on him and know why a wedding will take place without our notice.
My dad asked us out of his house. We couldn’t comprehend such a change of behavior. My sweet loving father became a stranger to his children.

My siblings and I were looking for a headway to know why our father will suddenly change his behavior towards us. On our way back from a pastor’s church that a friend referred us to, we had a terrible accident and my elder sister lost her life while my brother had a spine injury. I came out of the accident with  minor injuries. My brother had undergone several surgeries but he didn’t make it out alive.

During that period, my husband developed hepatitis and we didn’t notice it on time and I lost him. I was devastated. My father stopped communicating with us. He came to my sister’s burial but the in-laws didn’t allow him stay because he was the reason my sister died and he didn’t come to see the husband and kids and suddenly decided to come for the burial.

I cried my eyes out because my siblings that I share the good and bad moments with are no more. I and my brother are the only ones remaining. I wanted to die but death was far away. I cursed the day I was born. I cursed my father’s wife for coming into my family to destroy it. I tried to kill myself but each time someone or something distracts me.

Nothing to live for except my brother and my sister’s two children. I didn’t conceive in my three years of marriage because I wasn’t settled. Family issues didn’t let me concentrate on myself and husband. My brother is always afraid I will harm myself, he took me to his house so he could have his eyes on me.

It’s been five years now and I have not fully recovered. My dad is sick, my brother and I refused to go see him since he rejected us. His wife has been calling and we blocked her everywhere to avoid reaching us. We care less about what happens to him. I’m trying to recover from the pain life has given me. It’s been terrible losing loved ones almost same time. I can’t imagine how I pulled through all these.

I don’t know if my life will ever be complete again!

I don’t know if I can forget this part of my life!

I don’t know if I can forgive my father!

I know I’m alive but I’m not who I used to be!

Life has dealt me a blow!

Life has shattered my dreams!

Our decision to get my father a wife marred us!

I have learnt to weigh my decisions before taking actions!

Our decision got us to this point!

My name is ……., that is my story!



Renowned Author and Advocate Reno Omokri Proposes Educational Overhaul for African Prosperity



Renowned author and advocate Reno Omokri has made waves with his bold proposal for transforming education in Africa to catalyze prosperity on the continent. In a thought-provoking statement, Omokri asserts that for Nigeria and Africa to progress, certain subjects must become mandatory in secondary schools. These include Agriculture, Technology, Islamic Religious Knowledge (compulsory for Christians), Christian Religious Knowledge (necessary for Muslims), General Knowledge of African Traditional Religions (mandatory for all students), Mathematics, Science, Computer Coding, and proficiency in one indigenous language.

Omokri argues against a curriculum that prioritizes English and neglects African culture and practical skills. He emphasizes the importance of hands-on learning, pointing to examples like Mayflower School, Ikenne, where students are taught agricultural self-sufficiency. He also highlights the potential economic benefits of universal coding skills, especially if governments provide free Internet access while implementing safeguards against misuse.

Furthermore, Omokri calls for the translation of science books into African languages, citing the precedent of the Bible being translated into over 1000 African languages. He contrasts this with China, where Bibles are restricted, yet the government invests in translating scientific literature. Omokri argues that Africa’s reliance on religiosity without practical skills hampers progress, contrasting it with Asian nations’ focus on self-reliance and technological advancement.

Omokri’s proposal challenges prevailing educational paradigms and calls for a reevaluation of Africa’s trajectory towards prosperity. With his reputation as a deep thinker and influencer, his ideas are likely to spark debates and discussions across the continent.

Source: Reno Omokri, Advocate for African Prosperity and Educational Reform

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The Main Difference Between Many African Muslims and Christians – Reno Omokri



One of the most significant differences between Islam and Christianity in Africa, and especially in Nigeria, is that Muslims go to their mosques and very rigidly do what their holy book and their prophet told them to do from God, with absolutely no deviation. And woe betide any Mallam, Imam, Shelkh, or Ustaz who asks them to do something contrary to al-Quran. They may donate the beating of a lifetime to such a fellow. And why? Because the vast majority of Muslims have read the Quran.

In contrast, many Christians go to churches and do what feels right in their eyes, or their pastors’ eyes, whether or not it is supported by their holy book and prophets. And that is why there is hardly any consistency in Christendom. On the contrary, Orthodox Christianity practiced in Ethiopia, Egypt, Greece, Russia, The Balkans, and Cyprus, has order and consistency.

It is almost as though Muslims are told by who they perceive as God how to worship, and many Christians want to tell who they perceive as God how they think He should be worshipped.

Today is Christmas, God, we invented it because we love you, and it does not matter if the Bible says we should not add or remove from what we are taught (Deuteronomy 4:2, Revelation 22:18-19). We also have Easter. Though it is not in the Scriptures Your prophets gave us, it is so good, and we are sure You will enjoy it. And we have this remarkable woman, who knows how to preach. Although Yeshua, our Lord, only chose male disciples and apostles, and the Bible expressly says women should not preach and teach or have leadership positions in the church (1 Timothy 2:12-14), we are sure you will like this particular woman.

And again, even though our Lord and Saviour said we should not call anybody on Earth our father from a religious point of view (Matthew 23:9), we have this outstanding Daddy GO who is our father in the Lord, and we have one Pope that we call our Holy Father.

To Muslims, for the most part, the Quran is a book of Commandments from God, but for Christians, too often, our Scripture is a book of suggestions that we are not bound to follow if we can present logic and church doctrines that contradict them.

It is just as Scripture says in Judges 21:25:

“In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”

Anything you have to use logic and church doctrine to defend instead of Scripture is problematic.

However, I must commend Orthodox Christians for bucking this trend for the most part.

I sometimes think that Orthodox Christianity has more in common with Islam than the Christianity practiced in The West and most of Africa.

You may now insult.


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How Nigeria and Africa Can Be Rich in One Generation



If we want to progress as a country in Nigeria, and if Africa wants to go from Third World to First, the following subjects must not be optional in secondary schools. They must be mandatory. And if you don’t take and pass them, you should not graduate:

Islamic Religious Knowledge (compulsory for Christians)
Christian Religious Knowledge (necessary for Muslims)
General Knowledge of African Traditional Religions (mandatory for all students, regardless of religion)
Computer coding
One indigenous language

We should not have a curriculum where English is compulsory and science is optional and where English literature is mandatory, while African culture is non existent. That is why Black African nations rate people by their English, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Arabic phonetics, while in China, people are rated by their ability to build things.

An African will look up to his fellow African who can speak posh English and look down on an African mechanic who can build a car from scraps. Am I lying?

By the time an African student leaves Secondary School, he should know how to feed himself with his hands through agriculture. Tai and Sheila Solarin achieved this at Mayflower School, Ikenne. It is possible. We cannot have a continent of over a billion people, surrounded by arable land, begging, borrowing and buying food from others.

And if every Black African child can code, they will make money without needing a job, especially if their various governments empower them with free Internet access. But we must block access to TikTok and have safeguards that prevent our women from turning free access to data into an opportunity to overload the Internet with booty shaking videos, as if God made buttocks for only our women.

If we go this route, 419, romance scams, yahoo and Yahoo Plus will all die natural deaths!

And we need to start translating as many science books into all African languages as possible. Do I hear you say it is impossible? Please fact-check me. The Bible has been translated into over 1000 African languages, while science books have been translated into less than 50 African languages.

It is easier to translate Science into African languages than the Bible. But we do not do it. Why?

Yet, in China, Bibles are banned. Only the government of China is allowed to print Bibles. The only other time the Chinese government permits Bibles to be published is if they are to be exported. Please fact-check me.

That is the reason why sub-Saharan Africans are praying to God to meet our needs, while Asians are using their hands to meet their needs.

And even with all the Bibles we read and the Scriptures many Asians do not read, are we better than them in terms of morals? Japan is more morally upright than any Christian nation on Earth. Again, please fact-check me.

We Africans need to rethink the trajectory of our lives, or we will continue to sink into religiosity even as we are growing in depravity, and even worse, we are regressing in many areas.

Reno Omokri

Gospeller. Deep Thinker. #TableShaker. Ruffler of the Feathers of Obidents. #1 Bestselling author of Facts Versus Fiction: The True Story of the Jonathan Years. Globetrotter. Hollywood Magazine Humanitarian of the Year, 2019. Business Insider Influencer of the Year 2022.

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