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David my brother happens to be the person that raped me, while I was going to church -Lady tells her story

So David my brother happens to be the person that raped me, while I was going to church.
I knew it, when David started showing symptoms of HIV. Yes I was an HIV positive already, when David my elder brother raped me.

I was once doing runs business while in the university. But along the way I contacted HIV, so I stop the runs and opened a cosmetic and saloon business with my savings.

As of then i was 23 years of age, and my brother was 28 married tho. Although sometimes I do catch my brother starring glance at me. But I never gave it so much thought, after all he is my biological brother why will he touch me.

During the five nights of Glory (Glory reign). I normally go and come back by ten. That was when my brother managed to target me and rape me.

I felt no remorse after the incident, due to the fact that I didn’t know it was him, cause he was on mask. But three weeks later I started noticing my brother was shading down weight.

He went to the hospital and he was confirmed positive. His wife also went to run her own test, and she was confirmed positive also! .

The house was already on fire. I was in my room studying for exams, when  my elder brother walked in;

“ Kese , are you HIV positive?” He asked in a calm and regrettable voice.

“ John did you rape your only sister” I throw it back at him .

He just silently walk out of the room silently with tears. As for me I wasn’t feeling any pity for him. I only pity his Innocent wife, who is suffering a sin she knows nothing about.

My pen don’t bleed  it writes…..

Missing pen