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I a had studio in my fathers house but he didn’t know. I mastered to record and produce myself – Davido

“Our house was a very big mansion, it had more than 20 so I used one as a studio and my father didn’t know. So I was in the first floor and he was in the top floor and once he comes back from work he goes into the elevator and goes straight to his room. So he never hear the studio. But when I finished highschool, I moved to America for college. I first moved to Tennessee but I was the only African in the whole school and I didn’t like it. So he moved me to Alabama. He didn’t want me to stay in Atlanta though I was born there. He didn’t want me to stay in Atlanta because he thought I’d be distracted with clubs and girls. So I went to Alabama and that’s where the pröblem started. The school I went to was very musically inclined, they had the best choir and best music program in the area. But obviously my father never let me join because he didn’t want me to have anything to do with music. When I first got to the school and I entered the dorm, upstairs in my room I was always hearing music. So I went upstairs one day and knocked  the door and I’m like you I always hear music here! And the guy openned the door and he had a mini studio in school just for him. So I asked him how much it cost and he said $1k and I was like just that? Then I immediately paid him $2k and took everything. I was like 15, 16 and I started learning how to master, record and produce myself. I went on YouTube and taught myself, I was watching YouTube everyday. Everything is on YouTube and it is a good tool for learning how to do anything. Then after some time, I mastered recording myself and then I started dodgîng classes. Then back home in Nigeria, artist like Wizkid and Olamide are blowing up. So I just know I had to go back home because all my friends that I knew before I left had already blown up. Then I just went back to Nigeria and that’s when my journey started and there was no turning back.” Davido

Sometimes, you just have to be stûbborn inorder to achieve what you want. You have to be passionate and work towards your dream as if your life depends on it.

Nobody got it easy. Everyone had an obstacle they had to overcome inorder to succeed