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Let’s be careful with the things we do during our single life and also when dating .  If someone is not married to you , there should be boundaries that need to be set on the most things you people do in there

Relationships can fail or end well.

As far as the bride price isn’t paid be wise. And no matter how serious the relationship is ; if the necessary rites aren’t performed your boyfriend or girlfriend is not yet your husband or wife .

Even parents knowing that you people are in a relationship doesn’t mean you are now satisfied couples . Becareful.

Sadly what most people are  facing in their marriages today is as a result of the bad things they engaged themselves into during their single life or their time with their exes .
The infertility and barrenness some couples are facing in their marriages today is as a results of some dirty games they  played with their exes or during the time they weren’t married.

Some of the men will use sex medications or aphrodisiac to destroy their sex life or their system during this time ; but in the marriage which is the time for happiness, or such enjoyment or strength is no more. They can’t perform

Some numerous abortions;
Even some do take pregnancy prevention drugs like grandnut during time of dating with their exes.

And later in life they come to struggle with a husband who is innocent for a child.
Some ladies are messing their life with fornication.  Every penis size is entering their hole and they are having different sexual experiences with different men in the name of hookup and relationships.

Now later in life  when they get married their husband’s penis now become smaller for them.  Due the high sex counters with different men during their past ; also no amount of sex their  husband  gives them  satisfies them. And even most will end up cheating…
Or all will end on TV stations and Radio stations.  Auntie naa and Co..

The men also will have sex with different ladies , now after marriage it s