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My closest paternal uncle had been the one causing me misfortunes and I never knew all this while

Each time I return from Port Harcourt back to the village, I ensure I buy him goodies as I took him as my father since my biological father is late. This my uncle is my father’s immediate elder brother and only brother too.

As at the time I married my wife in 20018. We conducted all medical tests and everything was certified okay before we married but since then I can not be able to father a child.

My wife recently visited a strong spiritualist  in Port Harcourt and the female spiritualist specifically told my wife that my uncle was responsible for her barrenness and that if truly she wants to give birth then she should be willing to embark on some spiritual assignments.

My wife returned home sobbing as she narrated all the female spiritualist told her. I initially doubted but after my wife’s pleas that we should try her out via the assignment. I gave my wife the go ahead to go see the spiritualist again and this time around she  gave my wife an assignment to do.
My wife finished the assignment on a  weekend.

I got a call on the Monday  after the weekend my wife finished her assignments that my uncle is dead and I quickly rushed to the village to ensure he was given a befitting burial but he has failed me as an uncle whom I took care of.

Just a month after the burial of my uncle, my wife was confirmed pregnant.

I had been the one doing the house chores though with great delight as my wife kicked against all my moves to bringing a house help .

In few months time I shall become a father and I am indeed glad that finally I shall be addressed as a dad”.