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Portable threatens to call the cops on Bobrisky for his outfit choice at the Ajakaju movie premiere

Nigerian artist Portable has established a reputation for speaking his mind fearlessly on various issues, and recently he directed his attention towards Bobrisky’s choice of outfit for the Ajakaju movie premiere. In a comment on Bobrisky’s post showcasing his attire, Portable expressed his disapproval and even issued a vague threat, stating he would involve the police.

Portable’s initial comment advised Bobrisky against referring to himself in a certain way, followed by a warning about involving law enforcement. The exact reason behind Portable’s threat remains unclear, leaving speculation as to whether it pertains to Bobrisky’s identity as a cross dresser or his recognition as the best-dressed female at the event.

Despite the lack of prior conflicts between Portable and Bobrisky, the former’s outspoken criticism caught attention. Bobrisky, known for his outspokenness in response to online trolling, may choose to address Portable’s remarks or simply ignore them.