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The Government through the ministry of Interior has given Prophet Owuor 24 hours to submit the names of the disabled persons healed during the Menengai Crusade in Nakuru, so that their names can be scrapped of the government database of those living with disabilities

In a development raising eyebrows and stirring debate, the Kenyan government, through the Ministry of Interior, has issued a 24-hour ultimatum to Prophet Owuor to submit the names of individuals he claims to have healed of disabilities during the Menengai Crusade in Nakuru. This directive aims to verify the authenticity of the healing miracles and update the government database accordingly.

Prophet Owuor, a prominent religious figure known for his healing crusades and charismatic presence, has yet to comply with the government’s request. As the deadline approaches, questions linger regarding the veracity of his claims and the accountability of his ministry.

The call for Prophet Owuor to provide evidence of the disabled persons healed during the Menengai Crusade underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in religious practices. While faith-based healing has long been a cornerstone of many spiritual traditions, ensuring that such claims are substantiated is essential to prevent exploitation and misinformation.

The lack of response from Prophet Owuor’s camp raises concerns about the credibility of his ministry and the impact of unverified claims on the individuals affected. Without concrete evidence to support the healing miracles, skepticism persists, casting doubt on the legitimacy of Prophet Owuor’s purported divine interventions.

In light of these developments, it is imperative for Prophet Owuor to uphold transparency and fulfill the government’s request for the names of the healed individuals. Doing so not only ensures compliance with regulatory requirements but also promotes trust and accountability within the religious community.

As the deadline looms, the spotlight remains firmly on Prophet Owuor and his ministry. The outcome of this situation will not only shape perceptions of his healing abilities but also serve as a testament to the importance of accountability in the practice of faith.

The government’s ultimatum to Prophet Owuor underscores the need for transparency and accountability in religious practices. By providing evidence of the healing miracles claimed during the Menengai Crusade, Prophet Owuor can uphold integrity and foster trust within the community. The eyes of the public remain fixed on this unfolding saga, awaiting clarity and resolution.