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There is this woman in our compound, ever since I moved in I’ve never seen this woman’s mouth closed or not rotating. Every day her mouth will be whining

So, there is this woman in our compound. Ever since I moved in I’ve never seen this woman’s mouth closed or not rotating. Every day her mouth will be whining.

If she not eating fried scórpións, she will be drinking unripe lime juice or she will be drinking raw égg.

She will always sit close to my doorstep and be eating those things.

One day, I came back from work. As usual, I greeted her and was about to enter my room. The next thing I heard from her was:

Neighbor, nàwa fór you oh. Ever since we are living in this compound you have never suggested to me what I would eat for my BP and Sûgàr level to come down.

I was so confused by what she was saying. I asked her what she meant.

She said in their lineage they have BP and Sûgàr. She’s dîàbétîc and that’s why she eats those things I do see her eat. She always asks people what she will eat that reduces sûgàr and they will always suggest to her that I’m the only one who has not suggested what she will eat.

Hah! I didn’t ask her any of this.

I told her I didn’t know what she would eat. that is better she goes to the hóspîtàl and meets a dóctór.

She said I should leave this hóspîtàl people, there’s nothing they will do when it comes to reduction of sûgàr and that home remedy is the best when it comes to the rédûctîón of BP and Sugar.

I didn’t know what else to tell her and I was so hungry I needed to excuse myself and go inside and eat. I told her, okay I will ask someone, and tell her.

Another day, I came back again and met her eating fresh vegetable leaves. I couldn’t place my hand on the leaves she was eating because they were not familiar to me. She was eating it and was squeezing her face. Inside me, I said this woman will kîll herself one day in this compound oh.

I greeted her again and was unlocking my padlock to go in when this woman asked me if I had not asked someone what rédûcés BP and Sûgàr so she would eat.

I told her she had eaten enough. All these you are eating are okay. that she should go to the hôspîtàl.

This woman started shouting at me to go inside my room that our discussion had led to children’s talk. I quietly went inside my room as I was instructed.

Yesterday, I came back from work and saw people gathered in front of our compound.

I asked what was happening. They said someone told my neighbor who said she has débàtés, that back of cocoa yam and yam cûrés diàbétés entirely and she went and packed back of raw cocoa yam and yam and chewed. Thén she pàssed out and they rushed her to the hóspîtal.

They took her to that same hóspîtàl she refused to go to. But I trûst Dóctór Kelechi Okoro. She will do her best to sàvé her sha.

I just pray oh let me not forget to laugh the day she will be discharged and taken back home because I’m reserving some special kind of kwa-kwa-kwa laughter for her the day she will be discharged oooh,  I will keep you guys updated how everything is going with her.