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I am vying for an elective seat in my County. I come from Kasai Province and, though, I am new in politics, so many residents seem to be leaning towards me. I can see it.

Initially it was hard getting listened to as I had never tried my hand in politics, but this period I came with another style after one of my uncles showed me how I can attract mammoth crowds and finally win many hearts.

Anytime I am spotted walking or driving around, young men shout my name and chant my songs even before giving them any cash or prizes. They have loved me and for sure they will be voting me in as their next governor. I am certain I will win.

For those who don’t know me I am Muteba Dennis a 36 year old man married just recently and I do business in Kasai and Kasumbalesa. Though I also have serious connections in Johannesburg where I fly to every Tuesday. Okay I deal in selling imported cars and minerals. I have been earning my living from this business and it is doing so well. I also love politics and I want to make it my next home.

When I started thinking about entering politics, some people brushed me off and it was hard to convince them otherwise. No one wanted to pay attention to what I said. Anytime I stood to speak to the crowd I was booed forcing me to hand over the microphone. It was painful seeing that until one of my concerned veteran politician pulled me aside and told me a secret. He leaked to me what I can do to start attracting masses. He gave me a contact address of a powerful traditional doctor by the name of Mawanda. He told me to call Mawanda for an immediate appointment. He assured me that once Mawanda casts Spells I will start being loved by residents of my Constituency and Province.

Next day I flew to Zambia called and met the traditional doctor, asked for the help and he cast prosperity spells. He gave me something to rub to my forehead every night for three days. I went home and did exactly what he had instructed me to do.

Believe or not, just after the three days elapsed, I started my campaigns again and the results are tremendous. I can assure you that I am the next Governor. Watch this space because from December 20th, I will be elected with a landslide margin. I thank Mawanda Traditional doctor for helping me get the love I am witnessing from my area. I am confident with my political future now.

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Herbal medicine uses natural plant remedies to enhance health and wellbeing, enabling the body to heal itself of sickness and disease.

Natural Remedies
Since the beginning of our evolution on this planet people have used plants for medicine as well as for nutrition. Our body and its physical functions have therefore developed to be naturally attuned to the benefits that herbs can give us. From ancient times the medicinal benefits of herbs have been known and recognised, and now research into plant compounds confirms that they contain a multiplicity of medicinally active compounds.

Safe And Effective Natural Medicines
The herbs we use are all known to be safe and effective. In our herbal dispensary we have over 300 different herbal preparations to choose from. The skill of a herbalist is being able to diagnose the underlying cause of a person’s ill health and then prescribe an effective combination of herbal remedies.

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