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We have become a country that the world knows with only bad news – reverend father Angelo Chidi Unegbu

Reverend father Angelo has taken to his Facebook page to express the satisfaction over the bad news that Nigeria has won internationally. He made a dissatisfactory speech on Facebook following 10 years after chiba girls were kidnapped


German news talks about the kidnapping of almost 300 schoolchildren in Nigeria yesterday.
We have become a country that the world knows with only bad news. This is happening exactly ten years after the Chibok incident (2014). The only solution to Nigerian security and economic problems remains regional or state autonomy or peaceful Balkanization because security and economic problems can only be locally sorted out. Why we are not making demand for the only tablets that can heal our sickness is something I do not know. We are really back to the state of nature, where life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. It is only the establishment of a government that leads humans from the state of nature to order. Our prayers are with the students and hundreds of others being held hostage now in various dungeons in the country.

Fada Angelo Chidi Unegbu