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Why are so many people mad about Kizz Daniel showing off his wife / mother of his kids just because it’s not you the side hens?

I remember sometime last year , a certain blog by the name Cutie Juls called out a certain lady for going to Dubai and London with kizz for his show. So many people know about the lady I am talking about who is the daughter of una QUEEN MOTHER .I could also recall kizz granting an interview and explaining how much he loves the mother of his kids and also dedicating his song “LIE” to her as well.

He stated clearly while replying to one of his fans on the X app that they have been married since 2020. Recently, a certain blog called Gistlover which allegedly is said to be co-owned by una QUEEN MOTHER who happens to be the mother of the said side hen who followed him to his Dubai and London show last year, (Remember this came with video evidence from Cutie Juls last year ) decided to start bringing up a lot of stories they said happened between kizz and his wife in the past, just because they can’t have their way as they wished. As at the time we are talking about , kizz treated his wife as a baby mama before later falling in love with her and deciding to take things to the next level.

The question now is ;

Why did they have to wait till now to ruin their marriage just because they can’t have their way?

Why is una QUEEN MOTHER always connected with anything Gist lover ?

Is it not a good news that at least now he is showing her off publicly and even coming publicly to speak about their marriage ?

Can we always try to sit back and balance stories before concluding?

Meanwhile, his recent song SHOWA is a banger and in as much as I don’t know how to speak Yoruba , I can sing the music from beginning to the end, word by word . If you listen to the song attentively, you will notice that he is showering praises on a certain lady who I believed to be his wife . Everything is right about the song from beginning to the end. Let’s look at the English lyrics in the song. I know some people will not like it :

-Melanin, popping
-Baby sunshine gives you filter
-Can you wake up around 4:30
-To make breakfast for me. ( remember he replied to a fan that this is one of the special qualities the wife had)
-Long time ago, I say no kele fit make me conform
-Very gentle girl
-I pick you up turn you big girl .

With this lines, you can attest that this is a man who is happy and proud .Why then are people/those wicked blogs trying to ruin the new found happiness?

Anyway, this is my humble opinion and you can still choose to ride with your own thoughts but make una allow the young man breath side hens!!!! The new song SHOWA na banger.