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Viral Gist

I have been trying to japa since 2019 and has just been unlucky. My first move was Iceland, I got admission to study there and just when everything was about to be concluded, COVID-19 happened

I thought the pandemic wouldn’t last for so long, I held my hope high but before I knew it, 1 year had gone, borders still closed and that was how Iceland pursuit ended with all the money spent.

I felt frustrated because my life was literally paused. I had administrative issues in my 3rd year in school and over 250 of us were laid off. Some had the courage to start afresh in a different university, some dropped out, some left to another department and started afresh.

I didn’t have the courage to start allover again, I lost every appetite to study in Nigeria because I feel the whole money and stress involved isn’t worth it. I wasn’t even studying my dream course because I don’t have 10-11years to spare.

That was my greatest motivation to study abroad. When that of Iceland failed, it got to me but I mustard courage to try again. I contacted a travel agent in 2021 and paid him to process a Canada Visa.

We started the whole process and while at it, I met my husband and we got married in 2022. My hopes were so high, I and my husband decided not to make babies yet because of my travel but I guess God had another plan for us.

I got pregnant and I was so depressed with thoughts of how I would cope alone with pregnancy and nursing a baby. I opened up to the agent and he told me not to worry, that it’s even a blessing because my child will become a citizen and getting a resident permit would be easier.

I felt better after speaking with him, I was so optimistic. We waited endlessly, the agent kept giving me new time expectations. I didn’t even purchase baby items until I entered 9 months because I felt there wouldn’t be a need to have too much luggages when I can easily get them abroad.

It was a long wait, I just occupied my mind with the excitement of being a mom on a short time. I gave my baby and the Visa was still not coming. The more I looked, the less I saw.

It finally dawned on me that the agent has been taking me on a ride with my money. Infact, we are still in the refund process. When my child passed 6months old, my husband suggested we try again.

This time, I told him to apply for a master’s program since he already has a HND certificate and he got admission in Canada. He applied for Visa and added me and our baby as dependents and on 27th November, our Visas were approved.

We’ve landed Canada and I still can’t contain my joy. It’s now I understand that God had another plan for me. I’m certain that if I had travelled in 2019, by today I wouldn’t even be interested in marriage because I would be all about making money.

I wouldn’t have met my prince charming of a husband. If I had travelled while pregnant, it would be so hard for me to cope because I now have first hand experience of motherhood and it’s definitely not a work in the park.

My colleagues in the university who didn’t have administrative issues graduated the same month I got my Visa with my family. I felt bad knowing I was supposed to graduate with them but then I was happier that I have a greater opportunity.

I’m here with my family and nothing beats that. It was worth the wait and actually the best for me. I would enrol to study my dream course whenever I want and that’s a huge flex for me.

At last, God’s plans is always the best even when we may not understand it. I’m certain this land would favour me and my family.”