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Viral Gist

My next-door neighbor went and bought a càt Every night I hardly sleep. The càt will just be crying like a néwbórn baby

My next-door neighbor went and bought a càt.

Every night I hardly sleep. The càt will just be crying like a néwbórn baby.

And this my neighbor is a troublesóme person. For the sake of peace at times At night, I will go to my friend’s house and spend the night there.

Later, the whole of the people in the compound started lamenting that the càt was disturbing them and she should do away with the càt. Not as if there is ràt in the compound that made her buy the càt.

Everybody in the compound has begged This woman to take the càt away but she refused. So, we decided to report her to our landlord.

I wasn’t around when our landlord came and what he said about the càt.

After three weeks I came back from my journey. I was surprised to see that our compound has turned into anîmàl kingdom. Oginikwa!!

I didn’t understand what was going on. I went to one of my neighbors and asked her why is the whole compound filled with different ànimàls.

She said they invited our landlord for a meeting and told him to beg our neighbor who bought a càt to take the càt away. The landlord said he wouldn’t tell her that the compound is big enough for anyone to buy any pets he/she chooses to buy. So, if it pains anyone the person should go and buy his/her own.

Mama Aish bought sheep. Mama Fatima bought turkey. Mama Emma bought a local dóg. Mama Nonso bought a pig. Mama Ibrahim bought Ram. Sunday bought fowl. Anastasia bought a goat.

Our compound is now like where the Armageddon wàr wants to take place. Nobody now sleeps in the night. Either chickens or Turkeys are sleeping in the night, dóg will go and pursue them around the compound, or the góàt will swallow pówer bank or television and cry all through the night. 

I parked my clothes and went to my friend’s house and started sleeping there. One night my friend woke me up and told me what entered my hearing. She said I can’t continue running away from where I pay for. If they are buying I should also buy mine too. I remembered my two friends Abdulaziz who has two cows and Oche who has a horse once my friend told me that.

To cut the whole story short. I now own two cows and a horse in our compound. Oh my goodness! You need to see the noise my three pets are making every night. Even mé that own them, can’t stand their smell and noise. Every evening I would leave them with our compound people and go to my friend’s place to sleep.

They tóuchéd the tiger’s tàil and they must collect

Everybody in the compound is now begging me to carry my pets away. Saying they are willing to give their own out. Even the neighbor that started the whole thing is also begging me. She said she had given her càt out that she doesn’t sleep again in the night ever since I brought my pets to the compound.

So, I told them I would think about it then on Monday I would get back to them.

This morning I called them and told them I’ve thought about It. They are so happy that I have good news for them but I burst their bubbles. I informed them that I would be bringing an Elephant this evening to add to my three pets. They were all in tears. I just kuku walked away from them in buga style.

Any child that said he’s father will not sleep will also stay awake till daybreak.