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Viral Gist

I’m 33 Years old and I’ve been doing music almost all my life. I’m a Catholic and also a chorister in my church. My love for music fully developed as at when I turned 14




I became well known because of the spectacular manner I usually sing The Responsorial Psalm. At some point, Other Parish would even invite me to come sing The Responsorial Psalm for them too.

As a music lover, I’ve been going for several auditions such as MTN PROJECT FAME, THE VOICE NIGERIA, STAR THE WINNER IS, and many more. While some of my friends would be selected, I won’t be selected.

This is due to the texture of my voice and the kind of songs I’m used to singing in church. (You can imagine a Classical singer trying to sing like Chris Brown). I was always happy for my friends who were selected and celebrated there wins in hope that my time will still come.

A day came, and a friend of mine introduced me to a karaoke competition. I was very happy about it and decided to go along with him. We got there and met some of my friends who came for the karaoke too.

We were given piece of papers to write down the songs we would like to perform and I wrote mine. We all sang and as usual, I wasn’t even selected in the top 20. I went home feeling bad because I really needed that money for my school textbooks as I’ve been the one training myself in School.

I work at a Bottling company and my salary at first was N30,000  before I got promoted to the position of a manager due to my hard work and consistency.

As I was introduced to the Karaoke Competitions, I also decided to invite some of my friends who I knew were bad a*s.s singers. It happened that amongst 3 or 4 of my friends I invite, one of them would definitely win.

In return, they would tip me reasonable amount which also made me happy and fulfilled to a great extent. This continued for years and I kept on going for these competitions without quitting or giving up.

At some point, I was saying to my self,”Abi Na Curse Dem Curse Me Like Dis?” I had to ask myself such because some of my friends that I motivated into music got signed by different record labels and are doing greatly well.

The one that shook me to my bones was when a distant Cousin of mine who is a rapper came back from the United States. He told me of his intentions to record an album here in Nigeria and asked me to suggest two artists whom he would feature in his album, which I did.

They came down to Awka where he built his mansion and recorded the whole album. My cousin was mind blown by their performances and decided to sign my two friends whom I introduced to him; leaving me behind.

I was Happy for them but as a human being that I am, I felt bad for the fact that my cousin didn’t consider signing me into his new record label too. I went back to Enugu and resumed for work as usual.

At work, I normally watch Audition videos in my free time. That day, I came across a video of an Oprah singer who marvelled the crowd ,impressed the judges and got a golden busser.

Funny enough, that was naturally my kind of music and that performance was in AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. I was super motivated and when I went home, I started Scoring Some Classical and Oprah songs in order to use them for the next karaoke competition that would take place during the weekend.

It was on a Sunday and I went to church and sang the Responsorial Psalm as usual. I came home, prayed and also rehearsed the songs I planned to sing for the competition.

At 6pm, I took off and arrived at the venue. My Friends and other competitors sang and got there clapping ovations. When it got to my turn to sing, I took it personal and practically ate the song.

Everyone was echoing my name, I couldn’t believe my eyes. For the first time ever, people were spraying me Money! When it was time to call the results, the entire crowd were echoing and screaming my name as the winner.

Lo and Behold, I won that competition!!! It was like a dream to me. The amount I got from those was sprayed me money was even bigger than the N100,000 stake for the winner. I went home fulfilled with tears rolling down my cheeks.

The Next Week, I went for another competition and also won. My friends couldn’t believe it. I, myself couldn’t believe it either. From then forward, I came out as a winner in every kareoke competition I went for and I’m now the one who tips my friends that doesn’t win.

It didn’t end in Winning Karaoke Competitions oh. Now, People invite me for shows and pay me a reasonable amount of money.

All these success of mine kicked off the moment I decided to embrace and focus on my true natural Genre of music. I still work at the Bottling company till date.

I’m most grateful to the almighty for his blessings so far and I pray for bigger contracts that will change my financial situations.


Viral Gist

Lost my sister 4 months ago, but I’m 2months pregnant for her husband and we wish to get married



I was actually in my final year in the university when i was persuaded by my beloved elder sister to come live with her after my graduation, then, It was just 7months gone after her wedding in which i was the chief bridesmaid. She said that she was missing my presence & needed someone around to chat & keep her company. She was 3 months pregnant so I didn’t hesitate to accept her invitation..

After my graduation i finally moved in. It was 2 months later when I realized that, I still have feelings for her husband. Truth is, I fell for the guy, the very first time that my sister introduced him to me as her boyfriend, they had just started seing each other & Eversince then, I’ve s3cr3tely been in love with him & haven’t been able to love any other guy nor keep a relationship, he’s always on my mind, I’ve always imagined us together & deep down, wish for them to separate, so i could have a chance to be with him.

All these yrs, I’ve tried to control myself, hiding my feelings but, it all came back the moment i started living with them. seing him everyday, I couldn’t help it anymore. So, i made a move on him & somehow he fell for me too, he loves me as much as i do. I see & feel it each time we’re together. We’ve been s3-cr3tly seing each other for over 4 months untill when my sister was due for delivery & Sadly, she didn’t make it but her child survived. Unfortunately again, the baby also join her mom after being with us for almost a month. This was a sad moment for the whole family..

4 months have passed & God has decided to wipe our sorrow, now we are happy & expecting a baby too, I’m currently 2 months gone, We intend to get married soon & I believe my sister will be happy wherever that she is. Her husband is a good man & I know that she wouldn’t want us to loose him to another family. I also believe that, This is destiny, all these things happened for a reason just so we could be together. God’s ways are not that of man. We haven’t told anyone yet about our plans, don’t know how family will see this but I also believe, it isn’t so much of a big deal marrying my late sister’s husband especially as they didn’t have any kids together. But we just don’t know how to go about it..

Pls, help guide us through this, we need advise we’re so much in love & really wish to get married..”

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Viral Gist

I’m Hiv/Aids positve and I really wish that, my boyfriend also gets infected, so that he can marry me



Please, I need your advice, so, am going to be all honest here. Actually, i’m tired of living a reckless life and I really wish to settle down especially now that I’ve found someone that i really love and care so much about, Infact, I’m so deeply in love with this guy. For a very long time, i haven’t felt like this for anyman. He has got everything that i want in a man and even more.

He’s Handsome, rich and very successful, he’s so caring and nice to me. makes sure that, I lack nothing. I’m 100% sure that he’ll make a good husband. So I’ve been looking forward and hoping that he’ll propose to me soon. Now, lately, I’ve been trying everything possible so that he also gets infected and becomes positive too, so when he discovers that am having the virus as well, it wouldn’t in anyway hurt our relationship since it wouldn’t matter anymore then..

So, I’ve made sure that he trust me. Countless times, I’ve insisted on us doing it without protection and he’ll always accept. Sometimes I even use my nails to create a hole on the plastic and  will often kiss him when my tongue has a cu t.  but now, I’m confused and do not understand because after doing all these, I’ll bring home a fake results  showing that I’m negative and insist that he also goes for a test as well and even follow him to the hospital but am always disappointed and confused because surprisingly the test always comes out negative showing that he isn’t infected. So am really confused here..

I love this guy so much that i really wish to spend the rest of my life with him. I wouldn’t be able to take it if, i should loose him reason why, I can’t tell him about my health status. if i do he’ll leave me. Pls do not get me wrong, I’m just a girl who is inlove & trying to protect her relationship, every lady in my shoe would definitely do thesame thing. I’m 31yrs old & really wish to settle down. I feel this could be the only chance I’ve got but it’s proving difficult “

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Viral Gist

I left my 6months old boy sleeping at home with my husband just so I could rush to the nearest market and purchase food and some baby’s needs for the week But Never Knew It’s a bad Day



Before I left, it was as if my 6 months old baby knew something was going to go wrong, He suddenly woke up from sleep just as I was about to steo out. Then i went back to breastfeed him thinking he was hungry but instead he refused & held me so tight while crying loudly as if he didn’t want me to go & as if he had a nightmare or something. I was so surprised because, never has it happened before since I gave birth to him. So, I tried singing him a lullaby & successfully pampered him back to sleep & quickly tip toed out of the house still leaving him with his daddy. Went out of the gate & took a taxi..

We were about to cross a bridge were, it seems like the brakes of the car failed & the driver led the car into this river beneath the bridge, we got trapped & started to drown. I can’t remember any other thing apart from that. I only woke up this evening to find myself in the hospital..

I want to thank God for sending these boys who saved my life & that of the driver. Pls help me thank this good God, for I can’t thank him enough, Oh my God  I keep asking myself, what if I had taken my baby along with me had it been he insisted on crying before i left.. He has proven himself once again”

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