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When I was younger and in the university, I met this man who was about 15years older than me. We met at my school canteen, he was so full of humor and friendly. We became very good friends as time went buy




I never knew he owned a popular mobile accessories outlet in Imo State until he told me. He was always travelling out of the country and would always buy me expensive gifts from there.

After about 3 months, he asked me out and I told him that I needed more time to think about it. He wasn’t happy with my response, he tried as much to convince me that he was deeply in love with me and wants to marry me.

He was very generous and very lovely not to accept, always pampering me as though I was his child. I loved him enough to say yes but somehow I kept feeling like it was just too early to dive into a relationship with him.

I am the first child of my parents but my dad is late. My mom on her own path was still too young to be a widow, taking care of a handful of us all by herself. We were like cat and rat because she didn’t allow me do according to my youthful exuberance.

I wanted to be free from her by every means possible and that could only happen if I get married. I was so desperate to get married at such tender age but when that guy came to me, that desperation somehow dissapeared.

He kept calling me as usual and I eventually agreed to date him. He was soo excited with my response and told me that he would take me along on his next trip abroad. I thought he was joking at first but when he asked for my necessary documents to get me a passport, it dawned on me that he was serious.

He paid for an express passport and within a month, it was ready. He told me to prepare for the trip but make sure I don’t carry much load because we would do shopping abroad and will eventually have excess luggages.

He asked me if any of my friends or family member was aware of our relationship and I said NO. He told me that he would prefer we keep it private and just between us until we come back from the trip.

I was soo happy and of course there was no need to tell my mom cos she will never consent to it. I was only worried that I would miss so many lectures and tests but he assured me that he has enough long legs to take care of them.

I packed my luggages at my hostel as he instructed even though he didn’t tell me the exact day we were leaving. He just asked me to prepare and expect his call that week.

One evening around 9pm, he called and asked me if I was ready to move and I affirmed. He asked me to start coming out, sent me money to book a ride to the place he would be waiting to pick me. He asked me if I was sure I didn’t tell anyone about our trip and I said yes.

My bolt driver arrived and just about 20mins we drove off, my mom called and asked of my whereabout. My mom is like an FBI, she instantly knows when you are lying and when you’re saying the truth.

I told her I was on my way to see a friend and she started asking me what I was bent on her by always making her shout and get worried about me. She didn’t care to know who, her concern was that it was so late at night.

She asked where I was meeting the person and I couldn’t even say the name of the place correctly because I wasn’t conversant with that area. At this point, I told her the truth about my new boyfriend and our trip.

I was still on call with my mom when my boyfriend started calling me. My mom ordered me to alight wherever I was and go back to school or come back home. I dropped mom’s call and returned my boyfriend’s call.

Immediately he picked, the kind of rage in his voice was a rude shock to me. He asked why I couldn’t keep our little secret and I just spilled everything to my mom. How he found out, I couldn’t tell. I tried explaining myself and he bounced the call on me.

I kept calling him and he didn’t pick. I told the driver to stop and I paid him. I went back home from there because it was already do late at night to go back to my hostel. My mom dealt with me that night and seized my phone.

I still went ahead to try calling him with our neighbor’s phone. Whenever he picks and hears my voice, he would drop and block the line. I gave up and forgot about him.

I completely forgot about him until 2 years later when I heard a rumour of his arrest concerning trafficking and how he takes girls abroad and sell them as s.e.x workers without their family having a trave of their child’s whereabouts.

It was a big rumor because his brand was quite popular but after some weeks, the whole rumors cleared. I was shocked but couldn’t open my mouth to tell anyone about my experience with him because my mom would make sure I start going to school from home.

I imagined what would have happened to me if my mom didn’t call me on my way to meet him. Who knows where I would be by now? Nobody would have the slight idea of my whereabout etc. That was the day I adviced myself to be responsible.

That man is currently a king in one community and it’s very unfortunate that people who should rot in jail are roaming free and respected”.


Viral Gist

Lost my sister 4 months ago, but I’m 2months pregnant for her husband and we wish to get married



I was actually in my final year in the university when i was persuaded by my beloved elder sister to come live with her after my graduation, then, It was just 7months gone after her wedding in which i was the chief bridesmaid. She said that she was missing my presence & needed someone around to chat & keep her company. She was 3 months pregnant so I didn’t hesitate to accept her invitation..

After my graduation i finally moved in. It was 2 months later when I realized that, I still have feelings for her husband. Truth is, I fell for the guy, the very first time that my sister introduced him to me as her boyfriend, they had just started seing each other & Eversince then, I’ve s3cr3tely been in love with him & haven’t been able to love any other guy nor keep a relationship, he’s always on my mind, I’ve always imagined us together & deep down, wish for them to separate, so i could have a chance to be with him.

All these yrs, I’ve tried to control myself, hiding my feelings but, it all came back the moment i started living with them. seing him everyday, I couldn’t help it anymore. So, i made a move on him & somehow he fell for me too, he loves me as much as i do. I see & feel it each time we’re together. We’ve been s3-cr3tly seing each other for over 4 months untill when my sister was due for delivery & Sadly, she didn’t make it but her child survived. Unfortunately again, the baby also join her mom after being with us for almost a month. This was a sad moment for the whole family..

4 months have passed & God has decided to wipe our sorrow, now we are happy & expecting a baby too, I’m currently 2 months gone, We intend to get married soon & I believe my sister will be happy wherever that she is. Her husband is a good man & I know that she wouldn’t want us to loose him to another family. I also believe that, This is destiny, all these things happened for a reason just so we could be together. God’s ways are not that of man. We haven’t told anyone yet about our plans, don’t know how family will see this but I also believe, it isn’t so much of a big deal marrying my late sister’s husband especially as they didn’t have any kids together. But we just don’t know how to go about it..

Pls, help guide us through this, we need advise we’re so much in love & really wish to get married..”

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Viral Gist

I’m Hiv/Aids positve and I really wish that, my boyfriend also gets infected, so that he can marry me



Please, I need your advice, so, am going to be all honest here. Actually, i’m tired of living a reckless life and I really wish to settle down especially now that I’ve found someone that i really love and care so much about, Infact, I’m so deeply in love with this guy. For a very long time, i haven’t felt like this for anyman. He has got everything that i want in a man and even more.

He’s Handsome, rich and very successful, he’s so caring and nice to me. makes sure that, I lack nothing. I’m 100% sure that he’ll make a good husband. So I’ve been looking forward and hoping that he’ll propose to me soon. Now, lately, I’ve been trying everything possible so that he also gets infected and becomes positive too, so when he discovers that am having the virus as well, it wouldn’t in anyway hurt our relationship since it wouldn’t matter anymore then..

So, I’ve made sure that he trust me. Countless times, I’ve insisted on us doing it without protection and he’ll always accept. Sometimes I even use my nails to create a hole on the plastic and  will often kiss him when my tongue has a cu t.  but now, I’m confused and do not understand because after doing all these, I’ll bring home a fake results  showing that I’m negative and insist that he also goes for a test as well and even follow him to the hospital but am always disappointed and confused because surprisingly the test always comes out negative showing that he isn’t infected. So am really confused here..

I love this guy so much that i really wish to spend the rest of my life with him. I wouldn’t be able to take it if, i should loose him reason why, I can’t tell him about my health status. if i do he’ll leave me. Pls do not get me wrong, I’m just a girl who is inlove & trying to protect her relationship, every lady in my shoe would definitely do thesame thing. I’m 31yrs old & really wish to settle down. I feel this could be the only chance I’ve got but it’s proving difficult “

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Viral Gist

I left my 6months old boy sleeping at home with my husband just so I could rush to the nearest market and purchase food and some baby’s needs for the week But Never Knew It’s a bad Day



Before I left, it was as if my 6 months old baby knew something was going to go wrong, He suddenly woke up from sleep just as I was about to steo out. Then i went back to breastfeed him thinking he was hungry but instead he refused & held me so tight while crying loudly as if he didn’t want me to go & as if he had a nightmare or something. I was so surprised because, never has it happened before since I gave birth to him. So, I tried singing him a lullaby & successfully pampered him back to sleep & quickly tip toed out of the house still leaving him with his daddy. Went out of the gate & took a taxi..

We were about to cross a bridge were, it seems like the brakes of the car failed & the driver led the car into this river beneath the bridge, we got trapped & started to drown. I can’t remember any other thing apart from that. I only woke up this evening to find myself in the hospital..

I want to thank God for sending these boys who saved my life & that of the driver. Pls help me thank this good God, for I can’t thank him enough, Oh my God  I keep asking myself, what if I had taken my baby along with me had it been he insisted on crying before i left.. He has proven himself once again”

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