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Leaving them is not the problem but when u remember the styles and the positions! Oh my Gosh -Nigerian man state reactions online while explaining the reason some people are still in a frustrating relationship today

A Nigerian man has stirred reaction in a rant group on Facebook called Igbo rant HQ. According to the man he said that living your former boyfriend or girlfriend is not the problem but when you remember this ties of positions of sex you have oh my gosh then that’s the big problem.

“Leaving them is not the problem but when u remember the styles and the positions!… Oh my Gosh”

Sadly enough this is how it is in the present the relationship regarding to The generation of these days home prioritize sex over values in relationship.

Some people are in a relationship today as a result of how good the man or woman is on bed forgeting about core values that comes from relationship. So many are stick to some people today because they cannot do without sex and they cannot be able to leave them especially when they remember how good they gave it to them on the bed.

Unfortunately I miss the hunger and have ship that has been formed Nigerian, Nigerians stay fans pleasure in staying long on the bed and that is why anything that has to do with last two hours for hours selling market and the Nigerian sexual markets.